Friday, January 4, 2008

Anonymous Pierced Girl in Black Fishnets

What a beauty! This is a great alternative erotica gallery from Fetish By Anna, and it is really high quality. This definately raises the bar of alternative porn by leaps and bounds. This girl is stunning, a pierced girl in fishnets. She has a few tattoos but her fishnets are what really shine in this gallery. Click the pic to enjoy this beauty with a nose ring, this absolute stunner, anonymous girl in black fishnets.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Great Kinky and Wild Fetish Groupsex Orgy

Thought I would post something a little more hardcore today. I found this free movie gallery at and was very impressed. This is real fetish photography and movies, and these girls in corsets are bound and wrapped in plastic wrap, unwrapped and participate in an awesome orgy. Their piercings only add to the excitement, and the corsets really make them curvy and sexy. Click the pic to check out these fetish movies. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Great GodsGirls Pics and MOVIE! Gods Girls are HOT!!!

Came across a few more Gods Girls photos today. GodsGirls pics are HARD to find if you are not a member, and these girls are HOT! The pics are so artfully done, yet so arousing, they boggle the mind! Enjoy!

Gods Girls are alt porn girls dressed in stockings, girls pierced, girls tattooed, and always playful and most of the time horny :)

Isn't this a beautiful alt girl lesbian pic? I love tattoo lesbian girls, and these are absolutely stunning.

More punk lesbians :) This alternative cutie is awed by her pussy.

The beautiful ladies of

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mandy Murders - Tattoo Cute Alternative Hottie in Red Stockings

I haven't updated in a few days so I made sure to find an especially good gallery for my readers today. I came across this gem of an alternative girl of the name Mandy Murders. She is part of the site Fetish by Anna and she is one hot tattoo girl. She reminds me of that girl Kat Von D from LA Ink and that is especially sexy. This alt girls tattoos are really awesome and you can see up close in this gallery. If you like corset girls this one comes with a really artistic one, but she quickly undresses out of it :) I guess she has a hint of punk chick in her too, but mostly I would label her as an alternative beauty. Click the pic for free full gallery. Enjoy!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sexy Pierced Lesbian Groupsex and Dildo Fucking Joy!

Time for an update finally! With all the Christmas activities happening, I got more behind then I planned. Thanks everyone for subcscribing to my feed and supporting this site! As a thank you on this Christmas eve, I have scoured through galleries to bring you one of the hottest I could find. I was especially drawn to Sexy Lette today, and when I found out this pierced girl did lesbian threesomes too, I knew I had found the right gallery :) As a bonus it also includes some pierced girl orgy movies too! You see, Lette's friends are also pierced and tattoo hotties, so I almost came on myself when I saw the movie with this tattoo girl fucking herself with a dildo and the pics where these two pierced girls were kissing and fingering Lette. Click on the pic to see Lette with her tongue piercing licking pussy and see her in fishnets and short miniskirts too. An outstanding free pierced pic gallery available from Lette. Well the wife has gotten very turned on by this too, so I think we will be celebrating the holiday's early. Hope everyone else enjoys it this much too! Have fun!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nerd Girl on Girl - Nerd Lesbians!

Found an awesome site today! (NerdPr0n) I always wanted to see real nerd girls having sex showing off their geeky nudeness :D Not only that but I also found a nerd lesbian set offered by them. These nerd girls are SO hot! I had to go please myself after looking at some of their galleries. Click on the pic to check out the nerd girl on girl set by NerdPr0n. Have fun!

"I'm Anna, and I'm not your average blonde amateur...I'm geeky too! I run linux on my computers, and would rather snuggle up with a good book than go out.

This is my friend Penny. We're not fake porn chicks - we're real bisexual girls who honestly love to lick and fuck girls. Join now and you'll get to see the rest of these pictures, plus thousands more!"

Christmas Treat: Erotic Raver Story

Nice raver story that is sure to please those who are into this scene. Enjoy!

Rave Dreams
by SecretZoom

Sitting in my dorm room letting the rough fast beat of a techno song bang against my ears I sat and thought of the night to come, a night of glowsticks, glitter, love and magic. It was to be my first time at a rave and I was excited. I thought of the thousands of situations that were possible in that surrealistic dance party that they call a rave.

As my roommate and I got ready for the party images and thoughts of my girlfriend ran through my mind like a movie, remembering her in everyway from her slender body to her amazing sense of style and stunning smile. She was meeting my friend and I at the map point and we were going to drive to the rave together. I remember every detail now looking back on that day….

She was waiting for us in her full kandi kid garb. The glitter she wore shimmered in the light from the street illuminating an already radiant beauty. She walked toward our car and got in handing me a tape with jungle. I knew her best not by a name but by a feeling. That feeling was Ecstasy. She was Ecstasy to me, a perfect contentment and love in a single person.

The three of us arrived just in time to hear the first DJ begin to spin. The dusty warehouse was filled with the greenish beams from laser projectors and the white swirls of light from a disco ball. The Dj played a heart stopping bass heavy song that put me in a trance releasing a wilder side of me driving me closer to my raver girl. We danced close together staring through each others' eyes and into our souls. She broke the starry eyed stare and grasped my hand leading me off to somewhere. We walked down a long hallway in the dark dusty abandoned building as the music lessened in volume with each step. Ecstasy tried a door opening it with a high pitched squeak and pulled me inside. We stood in the darkness hearing each other breathe as we stood inches apart. My hands finding their way to her in the darkness, my fingers gliding down her arms and onto her sides. I held her in the darkness and lowered my head kissing her soft moist lips in the silent dark. We kissed for what seems an eternity feeling our love for one another acted out. I slid my hands down and behind her, supporting her as I lifted her into a seated position to the desk I saw in the low light.

Leaning over Ecstasy she relaxed, lying on her back atop the desk. I tilted my head moving in kissing her lips, moving to her neck and back to her lips as I let my hands glide over her body exploring. I slid my hands under her shirt gliding my fingers over her chest and working my way to her breasts encircling them with a soft but steady motion. I pulled my lips from hers as I helped her remove the shirt. I kissed her chest moving, exploring her body with my hands. I pulled one hand to her breast as I licked and sucked on the nipple of the other leaving little wet spots on her smooth skin. I reversed this taking the other breast into my mouth and teasing her nipple with my tongue as I encircled and rubbed her other breast with my free hand.

I kissed slowly down her body as I slid my hands under her pants and down under her panties to her pussy. I slid my hand up and down rubbing over her and going between Ecstasy's legs. I started to run my middle finger up and down through the slit between her legs gliding the rest of my hand in the same manner as before. I did this for some time working to make her excited. I stopped to remove her pants pulling at the exaggerated large legs of the denim fabric. She lay on the table in panties which I knelt between her legs and removed quickly. I leaned forward pushing my head between her legs licking slowly up and down sucking and kissing. I found her clit and began to lick and flick it with a stiff tongue and light sucking. I circled around it with my tongue flicking from side to side and up and down, working Ecstasy toward orgasm. I began to move my hands from their perched position on hers thighs to explore her body, running my hands over her skin smoothly trying to find areas that made her react in a new way. Ecstasy began to moan slightly moving her body in small twitches and finally arched her back as pleasure as an orgasm ran through her body. I licked and sucked and darted my tongue at her clit through her climax.

I stood after she had experienced the full climatic tide that had washed over her body. I stood squarely between her legs and spread them apart as I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants and pulled my boxers down. I entered into her slowly feeling the warm wet slipperiness of it all. I moved my hip in a rhythmic motion in and out slowly. I grasped her hips and pulled myself into her with each thrust going a little deeper each time. Steady movement to the low beat of bass from a new Dj in the main dance room of the building. Ecstasy pushing her body onto me and me pushing into her in perfect unison as we matched the beat of the music with an overwhelming sense of pleasure and closeness. We moved faster pulling each other closer each time. I felt a climax building in my body. I could feel the tension building as if I were going to burst. I reached a point of no return and could feel the tension release in orgasm. We worked together through the climax. I fell on the desk next to Ecstasy and we laid there feeling the low rumble of bass continue into the night.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Felony Angel - Pierced Nipple Chick Shows Off

Felony Angel is one hot chick with pierced nipples. If you are looking for pierced girl porn, tattoo girl porn, or punk porn, this girl may possibly have all that you are looking for. Check her out in this gallery in fishnet stockings showing off her ass and pussy. Watch her lithe body arch back sticking her perk breasts out that are already hard from her pierced nipples. This porn punk has quite a sweet looking pussy as well. Click the pic for gallery, enjoy!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Femdom Chronicles - 3D Femdom Comics and Stories

Found a cool femdom comic today, with bondage and more. They also have femdom stories and other fetish stories and fetish comics available. Not sure if this qualifies as fetish art or femdom art, but it is pretty neat nonetheless :) Click the pic for a free gallery, it's pretty unique porn.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stunning Gothic Sluts Tattooed Girl in Corset

This GothicSluts girl is in one word: AMAZING! Her tattoo's are awesome, her tits are awesome, her corset is awesome! This is one hot pierced girl. I do not know her name, but I wish I did so I could find more sets of her, she's not just any ole piece of pierced porn :). If anyone knows her name, let me know! She has tattoo's on her back extending down to her ass, which she shows off with great vigor. I love the way she is crawling towards the camera. She has very seductive eyes, and the smile she gives when she pinches her pierced nipples, excellent! High quality pictures in the gallery, check it out for some good tattoo porn!


Scar - Hot Goth Girl Plays With Mannequin

I, for one, had not heard of Scar until recently. She is billed as the hottest goth girl on the net, and I agree that she is really hot. Goth porn at it's finest. Black running mascara and pierced nipples with red goth lips define this model. This gallery also has her licking a mannequin and having it eat her pussy out, which is really really hot. Inanimate porn I guess? Guess I've been under a rock for the last year :) Hope you enjoy this steamy set of free goth pics!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Free Pics from - Gods Girls Chicks are Awesome!

Got a few free pics from If you like tattooed girls and pierced chicks, a bit like Suicide Girls, this site has pretty much all that you could want. They have a wide variety of girls, lesbian, straight, and more. You will see pierced nipples, tattooed breasts, and a bunch of punk girl pics. They are all beautiful, and there is nothing like fantasizing about an alt porn girl humping you dry :) Enjoy the pics!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sexy Lette - Fucking Hot Pierced and Tattooed Girl

This girl is fucking hot! This is what gives alternative porn a good name. This cute punk pierced chick offers HIGH quality galleries (click on the pic), with a TON of pics. I love tattooed women, and a young teen tattooed woman with pierced tits is even better. Lette also likes to slide fingers in her pussy and masturbate for the camera apparantly. Check back often for more galleries by Lette!


Sunday, December 9, 2007

FemDom - Lesbian Set Tied Up

I decided it was time to get a little more into some fetishes now. A lesbian femdom set seems a good choice to start out with. These girls are really hot, and they get into some spanking and bondage as well. I love the preview picture i've included in this post showing that hot girl tied up. Tied up lesbians is a wonderful thing. Lezdom for the win! ;) She really has an amazing body. It's the little things that complete the scene like having a gagged lesbian and having a stocking half way down that really makes this hot. The leather bra and leather skirt goes well with the tied up woman. Her body writhes under the ropes and these goth girls really get each other's pussy juices flowing. The leather chick really knows how to dominate another woman. Be sure to check out the full set!

Courtesy Fetish Beholder

Goth Teen in Corset

I came across this site today,, and was browsing the galleries and a few of the girls caught my eye. For example, this goth teen beauty. I love the corset and the skirt. Fishnets are always a plus. It's easy to imagine fucking her too :) This is a sort of soft goth type gallery, so do not expect anything too hardcore. Just very pretty girls. Also, it is a pretty high quality gallery, which is a major plus. Check it out, you may like it!